The Calxa Roadmap for 2021 will kick-start with some significant attention on Business Unit Reporting. We have no doubt, the cost centre capability will be amongst the best around. But first, we’ll look back in review to the 2020 product releases.


Calxa Releases for 2020 in Review

There was no big fanfare for our first few releases of 2020.


New Menu

The initial focus was on lots of small changes to improve usability and remove some of the limitations you had faced. This included a revamp of the menu structure and we are pleased that you all adapted to that so well.


Multi-Currency Consolidations & Calxa Unplugged

Meanwhile one of our development teams was busy working on converting all our reports to include consolidation functionality. The other team worked hard to incorporate multi-currency consolidations. These huge improvements were released in June. These, combined with the new Unplugged organisation option shortly after, enabled us to expand into countries as diverse as Norway, Singapore and UAE.


Keeping your Data Secure

The second half of the year saw the introduction of 2-step verification. This authorisation method has now become the norm when using technology. For us, it is also now a mandatory requirement by some of our accounting software vendors like Xero and Intuit’s QuickBooks Online.


Business Unit Sorting

We followed on with a host of smaller enhancements such as sorting in the business unit summary reports. This is particularly handy for those with many cost centres to compare.


Adding PDFs to Bundles

We finished the year with one of our most popular updates. Adding PDFs to bundles was welcomed by many board report producers. Including your payables and receivables is now made much easier.


Improved Budgeting

Earlier in the year we added a new Budget Tool, the Loan Wizard. In particular, accountants love this feature as it makes their work easier. This was followed by the long-awaited budget formulas. As a result, you now have a choice of ways to add your budgets. For example, you can build Sales rows from driver-based budgets using metrics or set your Cost of Sales as a percentage of one or more Sales accounts.



Oh, did we mention we celebrated our 10th birthday in July?




Looking Forward to the Calxa Roadmap 2021

The Calxa Roadmap 2021 starts where we left off in 2020.


More Budget Formulas & 2-Step Verification Options

Building on the work we’ve done in 2020, live formulas will be one improvement. This means when you set up a formula on one account based on another, it will recalculate this live in real time.

We will also deliver more 2-step verification options like SMS and Authenticator App sign ins.


World Class Business Unit Reporting is a Focus of Calxa Roadmap 2021

Calxa has always been strong in departmental and project reporting. Right from the beginning in 2010, we’ve given you powerful, flexible reports on one or many of your business units. Now, we are taking that a step further in the next few weeks with a trio of enhancements. It is a key focus for our Calxa Roadmap 2021:

  • Intersecting Tracking Categories: For Xero users who need to report Project A in Department X and Project A in Department Y.
  • Cross-organisation Business Units: For those of you who need to report on Project A in Company X and Project A in Company Y.
  • Business Unit Trees: This will build on the Account Tree concept and let you create a hierarchy of business units.


Daily Cashflow Still Part of Calxa Roadmap 2021

Do you need a shorter-term, transactional cashflow forecast? That’s what we will give you before the middle of the year. We will pull your invoices from the accounting system, predict the payment data and give you the flexibility to adjust that. For those of you who need to manage tight cashflow, this will be the tool you have been waiting for.


Customising the Dashboard

Apparently not everyone wants to see the same charts every day! So, the Calxa roadmap 2021 will tackle some improvements. Firstly, we do have plans to offer you a choice of dashboards. Then, secondly, give you access to a designer so that you can choose what is on them and how they’re formatted.



The Less Sexy in the Calxa Roadmap 2021

Not everything we do makes you say WOW! But, there are still many worthwhile small changes that make a difference to our customers and we’ll continue to work on those throughout the year. Some of the ideas we have are:

  • Report on Balance Sheet Actuals by Business Unit
  • Fixed Exchange Rates by account (to satisfy IAS21)
  • Bulk connections to Xero
  • Commitment reporting (including Purchase Orders)
  • Statement of Cashflows (Direct Method and Multi-Period)

There will be more added to the list or this Calxa roadmap 2021 as the year goes on. It’s not locked in steel yet, but we’ll do our utmost to deliver you the best reporting app. We are confident you will tell us where it needs improving!




Big Event in 2021 – $2M Donation Target

On a less technical note, we are very close to achieving our target of giving away $2m of software to small and medium charities and not-for-profits. That’s way more than we ever dreamed would be possible when we started but we’re happy to have helped so many community organisations throughout Australia and New Zealand (and, more recently, the UK).

There are tremendous charities out there helping their neighbourhoods as best they can. Often, with limited resources. We are proud to play our small part in helping them with their reporting needs.


Now, on to the next million!