Introducing new pricing levels for large accounting and bookkeeping practices

We’ve listened to our accounting customers’ feedback and have now introduced 2 new pricing levels.

More and more accountants and bookkeeping practices are using Calxa to provide reports for all of their clients and we want to make that practical and easy to manage for you and your practice.

Here is how the bulk subscriptions work and how you can apply these to your practice.



How to get a Pack Subscription

If you sign in to Calxa online, go to Billing and edit your subscription, you’ll now see the option to upgrade to a 50-organisation or a 200-organisation licence.


The Pricing






This pricing isn’t restricted to accounting practices – it can make sense for franchise groups too where the subscription is held by the head office.


The Workspaces

We recommend using multiple workspaces as you use Calxa for more clients. A workspace is a container for your organisation data and for managing user permissions. You could have all clients in one workspace or you could have a separate workspace for each client but both of these are likely to become unwieldy.

Use workspaces to group your organisation data to reflect the way you work. This could be by creating one workspace for each accountant or for each team. If you have a client with multiple entities that you want to consolidate, it makes sense to group them in their own workspace. Feel free to talk to our Customer Support team if you want advice on your setup.