This month’s software update will focus on improving reporting in Calxa. The big change is the merging of KPIs into the Budget Summary and Spreadsheet reports. Now you can show ratios and other information on the same page as your budget comparisons. We’ve also made the selection of business units (departments and projects) much simpler – all to save you time.

Adding the power of KPIs to your Reports

Many of you already use Calxa’s KPI reports but we’ve made a significant change in this update. Instead of having separate reports, we’ve merged them with the standard Budget Summary and Spreadsheet reports. What does this mean for you?

Well, to start with it gives you the option of combining the standard Profit & Loss type reports with almost any other data from your accounts. For example:

  • You could use the spreadsheet report to show income and expenses each month as well as the closing bank balance;
  • With the Budget Summary report you could add key ratios such as Wages to Income or a Gross Profit percentage – whatever is relevant and useful to your organisation;
  • You can add a KPI to calculate EBIT (Earnings before Interest and Tax) and show that on the same report. Note that editing your own KPIs can only be done in Calxa Premier.
  • KPIs are now calculated for all columns on all templates for these reports (except for a couple where it doesn’t make sense) so if you’re using a customised report, the KPIs will work there too.

The opportunities are endless and we’d love your feedback on how you’re using this feature. Email our CEO, Mick Devine, to let him know what you think.

Are you new to KPIs? Our June Web Chat on Wednesday 11th will tell you all you need to know.

Improved Business Unit Selection

If you report on departments or projects you’ll like this change. You can now select Saved Lists directly from the Report Criteria and only need to open another window if you want to change the content of the lists. This should save you a few mouse-clicks every month.

What’s coming soon?

Our Dev Team is busily working on Report Bundles and plans to have them to you in a few weeks. You’ll be able to save your report selections into a bundle (such as Monthly Management Reports) and then just have one selection to make each month to deliver them as a single PDF file.

The team is also working on a browser-based version of Calxa that you’ll be able to access from anywhere. It’s a big project and we’ll roll it out in stages over the coming months. Watch this space!