Every year in March, we rollout a new Calxa price to reflect the economic times and the value Calxa delivers to its users. This year, our new prices will rollout effective 1 March 2024.

Of course, we strive to continue to deliver an outstanding product with the best human service possible. We are sure you will find the value to you reflected in this new Calxa price.



The New Calxa Price

This is how monthly subscriptions effective 1 March 2024 will look like.

Premier 1$220$220£110€130$140
Premier 5$286$286£150€165$185
Premier 50$770$770£410€430$515
Premier 100$1,320$1,320£700€740$900
Premier 200$2,420$2,420£1,300€1,350$1,650

*Express subscriptions will no longer be available for purchase. Legacy plans will continue for existing customers.

**We will continue to offer Charity discounts and donations.

***Some pricing changes are due to fluctuations in exchange rates.



How We Add Value

Each year, as you know, we continue to increase our investment in innovative product development, our people and our community donation programs. In turn, we trust this will support your organisation with quality insights and relevant data to enable you making good business decisions.


2023 Product Releases

Your subscription fees are invested in building a better product, so you can create budgets and get the reports you need with minimal effort. This past year, we added some important functionality. And, as usual, there is more to come:

Custom Dashboards

  • Pre-set dashboards with something to suit everyone
  • Custom dashboard builder
  • Adding dashboards to a report bundle
  • Custom data sources for dashboards
  • Create dashboard tiles from templates
  • Sharing dashboards within your team and publicly

Flexibility with Budget Layouts and Navigation

Giving you more options on how to add your budgets and save time in the most laborious of tasks.

Making Reporting Easier

  • Improved template selection
  • Easier configuration of reports
  • Bulk edit of report bundles

Grouping and Sorting Metrics and Adding them Directly to Reports

Another improvement that saves time and makes life easier.

Better Ease of Use

  • Making it easier to add and remove organisations from your subscription
  • Labeling Xero tracking categories
  • Optimising report bundles for Excel export
  • Notifications on unsaved changes
  • Keyboard shortcuts for budget changes
  • Currency translation reports to explain differences
  • Send invoices to additional contacts

Transaction Synchronisation

  • This dramatically reduces the time it takes to sync your data and most customers have now been transitioned to the new method. This also provides the framework for transaction reports in 2024.


Plans for 2024

We’re still working on the details and timing of our plans for this year, but it will include things like:

Transaction Reports

We’ll start shortly with transaction details by account and business unit, followed by aged payables and receivables reports, for one organisation or a whole group.

Unlinked Accounts and Sub-Accounts

You’ll have two options to add new accounts (and business units) within Calxa that aren’t linked to your accounting system and, optionally, push them there when you need them. We’re also working on sub-accounts to accumulate data for your budgets to give you detail where you need it.

Improved Scenarios

We will give you much more flexibility with scenario planning. You’ll be able to create multiple scenarios and then combine them with one of your main budgets in any way you need.

ISO 27001 Certification

This won’t directly affect the way you work but you’ll be confident that we are following the highest standards in caring for your data.

Dynamic Reports

The team are working on plans to give you full drag and drop flexibility for report design as an alternative to our current page-based reports. Watch this space!

ERP Integrations

After considerable planning we intend to build direct integrations this year with Microsoft Business Central, MYOB Advanced and NetSuite.

Performance and Usability

We are continuously working on making sure that Calxa is easy to use and also quick and responsive. We rely on your feedback for this so don’t be shy when you find something you think could be better.

Responsive Service

We’re growing our team so that we can continue to provide the responsive service that we know you love.



What Actions You Should Take Now

We are emailing all subscribers directly to explain how the price changes will affect you and the actions we are taking to mitigate any unintended consequences.

We are emailing all subscribers to explain how the price changes will affect you directly and the actions we are taking to mitigate any unintended consequences. Contact us if you haven’t received this.


As always, your feedback on the new Calxa price, and the roadmap, is welcome. So please, get in touch directly with our CEO, Mick Devine at [email protected] or on his phone +61 433 77 88 10 if you have any concerns.