Every year in March, we rollout a new Calxa price to reflect the economic times and the value Calxa delivers to its users. This year, our new prices will rollout effective 1 March 2021.

As we strive to continue to deliver an outstanding product with the best human service possible, we are sure you will find the value to you reflected in this new Calxa price.


The New Calxa Price

This is how monthly subscriptions effective 1 March 2021 will look like.

Subscription AU NZ UK EU US
Express $45 $45 £25 €30 $30
Premier $179 $179 £100 €120 $150
Premier 50 $525 $525 £300 €350 $400
Premier 200 $1,295 $1,295 £725 €750 $1,000
Additional AU NZ UK EU US
User $10 $10 £10 €10 $10
Organisation $10 $10 £10 €10 $10


How we Add Value

We will continue to invest in innovative product development, our people and our community donation programs. We trust this will, in turn, support your organisation with quality insights and relevant data to enable you making good business decisions.

To justify our new Calxa price, we have listed how we see we add value to you. This past year, we added some important functionalities. And there is more to come:

  • The budgeting functionality was enhanced to add formulas and enable metric calculations to transfer to your budgets. Some more improvements are planned for the beginning of this year.
  • Built the Loan Wizard to make budgeting for financing easier.
  • Reporting across multiple entities was expanded by converting all templates to support consolidations as well as adding multi-currency reporting.
  • To keep our customers’ data safe, we have done some important authorisation work around account verifications.
  • This year, Business Units will get a makeover. We will be adding trees to create a hierarchy, this is a similar concept to the account trees. Also allow users to report at the intersection of tracking categories and at cost centre level across multiple companies.
  • Plans also include customising dashboard and our short-term cash flow management module.

You can see we have a full roadmap planned out for 2021.

Your feedback on the new Calxa price as always is welcome. Get in touch directly with our CEO, Mick Devine. You can reach him directly email [email protected] or on his phone +61 433 77 88 10 if you have any concerns.