Every year in March, we rollout a new Calxa price to reflect the economic times and the value Calxa delivers to its users. This year, our new prices will rollout effective 1 March 2023.

Of course, we strive to continue to deliver an outstanding product with the best human service possible. We are sure you will find the value to you reflected in this new Calxa price.



Introducing Unlimited Users

One of the big changes this year is that we’re eliminating charging for users. Add as many users as you like to your subscription for no extra charge. This will result in lower subscription fees for many of our customers.



Only Pay For What You Need

We’ve listened to your feedback and Calxa Premier prices now start with just one organisation and you can add more as you need them. Here are the key points for you:

  • If you only need one or 2, that’s all you need to pay for.
  • We are still keeping discounted price-breaks for bundles of 5, 50 and 200 organisations.
  • As you add organisations, we’ll automatically calculate the lowest price for you.



The New Calxa Price

This is how monthly subscriptions effective 1 March 2023 will look like.

Premier 1$198$198£100€120$130
Premier 5$220$220£120€140$150
Premier 50$660$660£330€350$400
Premier 200$1,430$1,430£720€850$900

*There are no changes to Express subscriptions this year.

**We will continue to offer Charity discounts and donations.

***Some pricing changes are due to fluctuations in exchange rates.



How We Add Value

Our investment in innovative product development, our people and our community donation programs will continue. In turn, we trust this will support your organisation with quality insights and relevant data to enable you making good business decisions.


2022 Product Releases

Your subscription fees are invested in building a better product, so you can get the reports you need with minimal effort. This past year, we added some important functionality. And, as usual, there is more to come:

  • We kicked off the year with Business Unit Trees, making Calxa the most powerful and flexible reporting tool for anyone reporting on departments, jobs or cost centres. Whether you’re reporting on a few business units or hundreds, we’ve made your reporting easier.
  • Our big release towards the end of the year was 3rd Generation Account Trees. Now you can group and summarise the account rows in your reports in multiple ways. On top of that, you can add calculated rows and totals, add KPIs where you need to display them.
  • In between we have added:
    • Many new reports and options to existing reports;
    • We’ve simplified date selections on reports;
    • Added Report Styles to give you control over the appearance of your reports;
    • And, we’ve made big improvements to the performance and stability of the app.


Plans for 2023

We’re still working on the details and timing of our plans for this year, but it will include things like:

  • Custom Dashboards. Our focus in the past has been on reports but our team are currently putting the finishing touches to some dashboard enhancements you’ll love:
    • You’ll soon be able to display dashboards for organisation groups;
    • Choose from pre-set dashboards;
    • Export them to PDF and add them to a Report Bundle.
    • Phase 2 will be full customisation options so you can produce whatever dashboards you need.
  • We’re about to release improvements to KPIs and Metrics and even more flexibility to the budget editor.
  • There is always more to do on speed and performance. The big change we’re introducing in the first half of the year is transaction-level synchronisation.
  • We’re growing our team so that we can continue to provide the responsive service that we know you love.



What Actions You Should Take Now

If you have organisations in your workspace that you are no longer using, delete them so you don’t have to pay for them in the future. This is especially important for those of you currently on a Premier 5 subscription. If you only need one organisations, that’s all you will need to pay for come 1 March 2023.

IMPORTANT: Delete superfluous organisations before the END OF FEBRUARY to get the right pricing.


As always, your feedback on the new Calxa price, and the roadmap, is welcome. So please, get in touch directly with our CEO, Mick Devine. You can reach him directly email [email protected] or on his phone +61 433 77 88 10 if you have any concerns.