More control online, easier MYOB access, new charts, filtering NDIA uploads

Online users of Calxa get a host of new features this month. First up is the ability to create new workspaces so that you can split your data into manageable sectors – this is particularly important for accountants dealing with multiple client files. Use a workspace to group related files – or create one for testing and learning to keep it apart from your normal work.

Using multiple workspaces makes it easier to manage users and permissions as well. So when you invite a user to a workspace, they can only see the organisations that exist in that workspace. What’s great is that you can control what they can do within each organisation.

Easier Login and Updates

If your accounting data is online (whether that’s Xero, MYOB AccountRight or Essentials or QuickBooks Online), you’ll now be able to use “Long-running access tokens”. That may not sound very exciting until you realise that it speeds up the update from the accounting system to Calxa. It now is literally one click on the Update button with no need to log in or authorise each time. We store a token on our secure authentication server to make that possible for you.

Those of you who use MYOB’s AccountRight with your data online will now have the option to use your my.MYOB login details to access the file, without having to separately enter the file user name and password. You can do exactly the same when you connect through Calxa, saving you that one step each time you update.

Lines on Charts

There are times when bar charts are great whilst other data is better suited to lines. We now give you a choice with both the KPI charts and the Budget Spreadsheet chart. Line charts are great for detecting trends or patterns in your data. They work best for data series with relatively small changes from one period to the next.

NDIA Bulk Upload Improvements

We’ve had very positive feedback on our invoice import to the NDIA portal – we’re confident more people in the disability support area will find this useful as access to the portal improves. This month’s update gives you the option of filtering invoices by customer. You can select customers based on an Identifier or a Custom List in your MYOB file – so you bring in just your disability customers. This makes the process of creating the bulk upload file simpler and more efficient.