We’ve had great feedback on the ability to add documents to Report Bundles and next week adding annotations to reports will be the next step in that evolution.

You’ll be able to insert documents into the footer of the preceding report or the header of the following report. Why is this important? So you can easily add notes and variance explanations to reports, add words to explain your report, or additional images or diagrams. For those of you providing reporting services to your clients it’s the perfect way to brand reports with your logo and identity – this requires much less technical skill than customising the report.

Our next update, around the end of March, will include integration with Intuit’s QuickBooks Online.

We know many accountants and bookkeepers are moving some clients to this platform and you’ll now be able to provide them with the same bundles of reports you give to your Xero, MYOB or Reckon customers. Use the accounting software that suits your clients and use Calxa to provide consistent reports across your client portfolio.


Footnote: 31/3/2016:

Sometimes things don’t always go to plan. Instead of two releases as mentioned earlier in the month, tomorrow we will release just one Calxa update with the above-mentioned new features. The slight delay has enabled us to include additional functionality around online workspaces.

Now you can transfer organisations in either direction – to and from – online and desktop workspaces. This is great news for those that are working in the cloud. Full workspace transfer (including report bundles and KPIs) is coming soon.