If there was ever a quote to sum up the MYOB Partner of the Year this would be it; “If you had of said to me 20 years ago [whilst] I was sitting in a tractor sowing a wheat crop… that I would be doing what I am doing now, well I would have told you to lay off the anti-prescription drugs.

A country boy at heart leading the pack in the accounting world. This man is humble and inspiring, making a difference in any way possible THAT is Paul Drendel, and if you ask me the world needs more partners like this chap.

That’s why we keep him around. Paul is also a Calxa Accredited Partner and has been since the very beginning. “Once I used Calxa, I threw out my old excel spreadsheets! [Now I can] comfortably knock out reports that I know are as accurate as I can get them, with minimal time and no stress, [we] use it extensively for [our] clients.”


Through the use of the Calxa software he has gained foresight in helping his customers manage their cashflow. When asked what it’s like to be the MYOB Partner of the Year and what it means to him he said

Paul not only holds this auspicious title but has well and truly earned his place. Having converted many of his customers to MYOB AccountRight Live the secret to his success is in him adopting an alternative business model. He praised the new cloud-based technology that allowed him to change the way he and his colleagues interacted with their clients, through focussing on the long term approach and willingly absorbing the conversion costs for clients he is confident they will see the time saving benefits in the years to come. “I am very humbled to receive it, and [will] happily accept it, but it still is pretty unbelievable!”, he likes to keep his head low and out of the limelight. Daunted by the title he mentioned the amount of MYOB partners doing great things for their clients and the small business sector.

“Our focus in dealing with clients is going from ‘time’ to ‘value’, which is complete change from how things have been done in the industry in the past. But, I think it is a good change, and it is a win-win for everyone.”

As many of his clients are regionally based we asked if his customers were concerned when it comes to internet connectivity. Like all good consultant he has a back-up plan, stating that “where issues continue to arise due to internet connectivity, we have the flexibility of pulling the file offline when required, and going back to a desktop environment thereby eliminating the problem.” A simple resolution to a problem at the core of why small businesses are hesitating with MYOB’s AccountRight Live.

When asked for tips on how he manages all of his clients so effectively he said;