Plus tweaks to the NDIA Bulk Claims and new Cashflow Options

Our next update at the end of the month will give you more options in fine-tuning your cashflow and an automatic budget with every new organisation – so you can produce reports instantly.



When you connect to your accounting data we will now automatically create a budget version and populate it with the previous year’s numbers. Then, in the Report Bundles, when you’re creating a new bundle based on one of the sample templates, select the organisation, select the Auto-Budget and you can have meaningful reports instantly. You can still create more budget versions (even copy the Auto-Budget as a starting point) but this gives you a really quick way to get started.


Cashflow Options

We’re introducing 2 important changes here that will make it easier to adjust your cashflow forecasts:

  1. In Default Accounts, in the Trade Debtors section we’ll introduce a Debtor Days override and similarly for Creditor Days in the Trade Creditors section. Normally Calxa calculates the average debtor days from your accounting system every time it updates but sometimes that can be inaccurate (for example if you have less than 12 months of history) and sometimes you want to see what the effect of changing your collections might be. Just enter a number of days and that will apply to every account using the Debtor Days Cashflow Type.
  2. The more detailed option, for Calxa Premier users, is to modify this for an individual account. In the Cashflow Settings we’re introducing a new Cashflow Type of Days Count. Enter a number of days and it will calculate a profile accordingly.


NDIA Bulk Claim change

If you’re using Calxa to import claims to the NDIA portal, we’ve shortened the filename so that it now fits within the required limit.


In the meantime, the online team is busy working behind the scenes. See the diaries for an update.