Document Editor, Improved Xero Partner Authentication, Improved Metrics…

This month’s software update will include a full-featured document editor for your cover pages, notes, executive summaries and additional pages. We’re confident you’ll be able to add virtually everything you need to your reports:

  • Add images
  • Add tables with full formatting capabilities
  • Format text with styles. Either use the standard styles, create or your own, or copy some text from a Word document and it will import the styles too.

Now you’ll be able to create your documents within Report Bundles in exactly the format and layout you are used to doing in Word. Keep to your corporate styling and ensure consistency across your reports.

In case you missed the news last month, don’t forget to also look at the option to add documents into the footer of the previous report – it’s a great way to add notes to the bottom of a page.


Improved Xero Integration

You will be pleased to know we’ve made the update process quicker for Xero users. We have removed the need to authorise every time. Your data is still secured but now with longer-running tokens on our secure authorisation server.


Metrics: Improving the Non-Financial Numbers

We’ve had very positive feedback on the introduction of Metrics to store your non-financial data. There were a couple of things we needed to improve quickly and they’re in this next release.

  1. Calxa will now store decimals rather than just whole numbers;
  2. We’ve added the option to consolidate Metrics on projects/departments to the organisation level
  3. There’s now an Undo function so you can roll-back changes while you’re still editing if you’ve made a mistake.