Handling changes to NZ Provisional Tax and doing budgets are coming up next.

We have a surprise in store for you when you come back from your Easter break.

You’ll be able to edit and create budgets online, in the browser app. And we are making some cool changes that we think you will like, very much.

While there are more features to the budget builder to come, this first release contains some goodies to whet your appetite.



How Online Budgets will Work

Date Ranges

Does budgeting by financial year frustrate you? Well, now you’ll be able to budget for any date range you choose – a year, a month, a quarter, whatever you need. This will be especially handy for those of you with projects that span a financial year. Just set the range, for example, from March 2018 to August 2019, and those are the months that will be displayed. Then use the arrow at the top right to move on to the next period or back to the previous one.

Budget Manager

The new Budget Manager is where you’ll manage your different budget versions or scenarios. You’ll be able to easily see which have data, which are locked. This is where you’ll be able to copy a budget or, if you don’t need it any more, delete one.

More to come!

Next up for budgets will be importing and exporting and the Budget Factory (we’re working on some enhancements to that we’re sure you’ll like). Then the last piece will be formulas but that’s taking the team a little bit of time to get done.


Provisional Tax changes in New Zealand

The New Zealand Inland Revenue recently introduced the Accounting Income Method (AIM) for the calculation of provisional tax as an option for businesses with a turnover under $5m. If you’ve opted in to this method, you can now set it up in Calxa to include the payments in your cashflow forecast. Sign in online (this feature is not available in the desktop application), go to My Workspace and Financial Settings and there you can select the relevant timing for your payments and the tax rate.


To read up on all the details, visit the Calxa Online change log next week.