Calxa is inching closer to featuring its full Reporting Engine Online.

This week’s update to Calxa online gives you full functionality with building report bundles and the list of report templates expands past 60. There’s still a few more to come but the most popular reports are there ready for you to use. In addition, you can now update Financial Settings online – that’s the stuff that previously was in Default Accounts in the desktop application.

In the next couple of weeks, we’ll finish testing of Workspace Transfer. This function will migrate a complete local database to an online workspace, including KPIs and existing bundles and remove the last practical obstacle for moving to Calxa Online. We’ll also be working on adding business unit and multi-organisation selection to the reports and getting through the remaining report templates.


Report Bundle enhancements

Functionality now matches what we’ve had in the desktop – you can add and delete entire bundles as well as add or remove reports from bundles. If you just want to run one report from the bundle that’s easy to do and we’ve made it much easier than in the past to temporarily deactivate a report so that it doesn’t run – but it’s still there if you want to put it back later.


Report Templates

It’s taking a while to convert all 120+ of our report templates to the new format but we’ve now passed the half way mark and you’ll find the most popular reports online: Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, Budget Summary, the Spreadsheet Profit & Loss templates, the Cashflow Statement as well as the Forecast and the Where Did Our Money Go? report. There’s only a handful of charts so far but the rest will be completed in the next couple of weeks.


Up Next – Workspace Transfer & Business Unit reporting

Business units (jobs, tracking categories, classes etc.) will be in the report filters in our next update towards the end of this month. Again, we have designed this with flexibility in mind and considering both business with departmental costings and the larger not-for-profits tracking many programs. The Workspace Transfer will move everything from a local or network database to an online workspace – budgets, settings, KPIs, account trees, bundles and all. If you’ve been holding off moving to Calxa online, this will preserve all you’ve set up so far.


You can check out the details of our latest release in the change log.