Wrapping up the 2017 MYOB Partner Connect Conference in Alice Springs.

180 plus MYOB partners showed up for the conference (many with partners and families for an extended stay in the region). Many friends caught up to share last year’s experiences and business practices as well as reminisce over bygones. Catching up with old friends was as frequent as making new acquaintances.

The place was abuzz with excitement and a great mix of old and new CCs with different perspectives and business models. Whilst not everyone took to the ‘grow your business’ content and maybe thought more hands-on product sessions were in order, there was not one that didn’t take home more than some useful new insights.

The red earth, clear skies, rugged country, cold nights and bright stars of Central Australia only added to the experience – for many their first visit to this part of the country. Some couldn’t be pried away from their cameras.


The Conference

The conference headlined with “success is personal”; it set the platform for sharing experiences. Everything there is to say on keynote speaker Amanda Gore and MC Michael Crossland has been said and written plentifully. They both provided great inspiration and were the talking point for many in the tea breaks. The attending MYOB team was plentiful with many engaging with CCs and add-ons.


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Some of the things we heard, saw or listened in on:

  • The big shift in the accounting industry is not sparing the MYOB community. Many conversations were centred around business growth, transformation and CHANGE.
  • Product development is really moving now towards automation. Connected apps like MyAdvisor.ai are looking to use artificial intelligence to deliver business insights. The Calxa team had some great conversations around how to leverage technology to enhance output to the customer.
  • The MYOB Team showed up in force for this gig and discussed, engaged, shared till the wee hours.

As an aside, the official launch of The Invisible Accountant took place here and there is proof. What a buzz with more than 35 partners and friends donning a green t-shirt and a hat to commemorate the moment.


IA 2017 Launch MYOB Conf ASP


The Big Night Out

The Gala dinner was nothing but spectacular for the venue alone. On discovery, the dress standards were somewhat adjusted ‘Territory-style’ and no shoes made it home without a coating of red dirt on the prime polish. Held outdoors at an old quarry on a cold winter’s night, the surrounding rocks glowed in true rusty red colours and the 44-gallon drums were alight with warm fires. As dusk fell, the walls lit up pink and purple and the spotlight shone on a lone didgeridoo player huddled on the crest above the stage. Eerie, right?


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But get this, Carlos Rodriguez from Aspire Now doubled up taking home the National Sales award as well as Partner of the Year – so big congrats go to him and his team. He was closely matched by so many others, too many to mention here. But we must congratulate Calxa partner and friend Marie Whitson from Mybiz Consulting who was recognised for her mentoring and contribution to the ‘CC’ Community with a Lifetime Achievement Award whilst the 2 Pams from 2Peas took out the top sales award for Victoria. Congratulations to all winners on the night.

The Calxa Team was taken by surprise when announced winner of the 2017 MYOB Partner Choice Award voted in by the community. Congratulations also go to Receipt Bank for ‘Best New Add-on’ and EzyCollect for ‘Fastest Growing Add-on’.


2017MYOB Award


All fun aside, the Calxa team has attended many of these dos but this year’s get-together has to rate up there with the best. Whilst the Calxa team sadly couldn’t make it to Xerocon this year, the early commitment to the MYOB conference leaves no regrets.