A couple of weeks ago we released Calxa 2.7.0 with a new report to compare bank movement over a range of months and a number of small, but significant, report enhancements. One of the favourites is opening reports to Page Width.

The new Bank Movement Analysis report compares your actual cash position with the budgeted position and can be run over any date range (including across financial years). For a visual representation of the same data use the Bank Movement Waterfall Chart. We’ve added an option to sort this by value rather than account and this is a good way to clearly see the important inputs and outputs to your business.

We also have added the improvement to the way reports open, now maximising the available screen space. You may like the new Suppress Report Headings option – the white space is now totally removed, giving you more data on the page.

Around the end of May there’ll be more new reports including the standard statutory reports (Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance and Statement of Cashflow). Keep the feedback coming on what you like and what you think can be improved and we’ll keep providing you with better software.