Now in its 7th edition, MYOB Software for Dummies is a complete guide to the new generation MYOB AccountRight software which was released late last year. It is a must-have resource,


MYOB Software for Dummies

And, although the author for MYOB Software for Dummies recommends holding off on upgrading just yet, for those MYOB users that have, this will be an invaluable resource. For those of you who are thinking of upgrading soon when the current issues are resolved, planning ahead to take advantage of the special is not a bad move.


Latest Version of MYOB AccountRight

This new edition starts at the beginning and gives simple explanations and information about the latest versions of all the components of MYOB AccountRight, including details about:

  • New form customisation tools
  • New report formats
  • How to work with the new AccountRight library structure

In addition, the book provides lots of advice on upgrading to the new releases and how to take advantage of the latest features of AccountRight, including working ‘in the cloud’.


There Goes Your Cash

Check out this chapter “There Goes Your Cash!”. Taking a look at ways of identifying where your cash ends up, is important for all businesses. The book is good value for around $45, click here to buy.

For all orders received by 15 March, you will also receive a free payroll eBook of your choice in PDF. With the choice between Managing Employee Entitlements using MYOB, Managing Superannuation using MYOB, and Starting a New Payroll Year using MYOB it makes this a compelling opportunity.


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Veechi Curtis, author of a multitude of accounting resource books, is a business consultant, accounting software specialist and freelance journalist. Specialising in business consulting and accounting software training, she has been an MYOB Certified Consultant and QuickBooks trainer for over a decade. She has trained many hundreds of businesses in how to make their accounting software work for them.