At the start of June we will be introducing a new group of reports called Financial Statements. This will include a Profit and Loss Statement, Balance Sheet Statement and Trial Balance. In addition Calxa Premier users will have access to a Statement of Cashflows. These are all very familiar and standard styles of reports so while the reports on their own may not sound like an exciting inclusion, there are clear advantages to having access to these reports within Calxa.

By having Financial Statements available in Calxa there is no need to deliver some reports from your core accounting system and some from Calxa, thus delivering more consistent reporting. Maybe we are biased but we also think Calxa reports look better anyway, and even if they don’t fit your everyday look, then you have full control to edit the reports in the Calxa report designer. The most important aspect of this inclusion is: now you can bundle all your reporting needs directly out of Calxa. Leverage Calxa’s Report Bundles to batch and deliver all your reports at a click of a button.