Whilst integrating your accounting software with Calxa it is important to keep in mind how the information translates into Calxa as well as the functionality available with each different system.

Linking Calxa to MYOB, Reckon Accounts or Xero delivers powerful reporting. When integrating it is important to know that; data only goes one way: from MYOB/Reckon/Xero to Calxa. When you first connect, Calxa will extract the data it needs from your accounting program. Before you start reporting, do an ‘organisation update’ in Calxa. As terminology changes from program to program it is easy to get confused, so we have devised a simple table (below) to clarify.

CalxaMYOBReckon AccountsXero
DepartmentCategoryClassTracking category
ProjectJobCustomer/JobTracking Category

When performing an organisation update there are a couple of things that may help speed up the process. Choose to only update the last 2 years if you have a lot of historical data and exclude Business Units from the update if you do not intend to report on your Departments or Jobs.

For more detailed integration information watch the following videos, specifically tailored to each different accounting program that Calxa integrates with. If you do get stuck or if you have any questions or suggestions please call our support team on 1800 733 249.

Integrate with MYOB | Integrate with Reckon Accounts | Integrate with Xero