As our business and products evolve from a desktop to an online environment, we need to make changes to the terms under which we operate.


These terms outline what you, as the user of our products, can expect from us.


We’ve tried, as much as possible, to keep the terms in plain English but your feedback is most welcome if anything isn’t clear.


A Summary of the Changes

The main changes are reflecting the move to online storage of data and the use of the browser-based Calxa Online app. Here is a summary for you referencing the points in the document to enable you to fully review:

  • You can invite an Advisor to assist you with the software and this will not count towards your total number of licenced users (4.e.i);
  • If you are accessing a Calxa Online Workspace there is no limit to the number of computers you can install the software on (4.g);
  • Clarification of how long we store data after your subscription ends (5);
  • Availability of Calxa Online services and what happens if there is a disruption (6);
  • Online access requires greater care with passwords and their storage (hint: we don’t store them) (7);
  • We’ve introduced a Fair Use policy on the use of automated workflows – but we don’t expect we’ll ever need to apply it (8);
  • Storage of Payment Details. Again, we don’t store them anywhere on our systems. (10);
  • What happens in the event of a data breach (11);

You can read the full terms and conditions HERE.

If you have any questions about the new terms and conditions, our CEO, Mick Devine, will be happy to discuss them with you.