As an accounting software specialist, we understand that keeping abreast of the latest features and new technology can be time consuming. To make life easier as a Calxa Partner, we are now providing a special partner portal to simplify things.  By now most of you would have realised that we have a brand new website. We also have a new shop! It gives you the ability to manage your subscription and your clients’ subcriptions easily. The new shop and client portal can be found at ‘’.

Managing your own monthly or annual subcriptions is now a lot easier too. You can update and change your organisation details, add and remove users and payment details.

This is in particularly helpful when managing your clients’ Calxa subscriptions. As a Calxa partner you will be set up to automatically receive your discount as you buy new Calxa products for your clients, if you are interested in becoming a Calxa Partner contact us. It is useful to add your client’s name in the “Your Ref” field so that you can keep track of each subscription.

One of the great new features of ‘’ is Automatic Invoicing. Monthly subscriptions invoices are now issued 7 days before due date, and annual subscription invoices are automatically pumped out 30 days before due date. Calxa partners that manage multiple subscriptions will receive one invoice with all monthly payments that are due. One more good thing about the new shop, is we can now offer direct debit payments which is a great addition to the usual credit card option.

We are giving you the ability to manage everything as often as necessary, putting you in control. We hope you like this as much as we do.