In response to demand from our customers who are operating in NDIS launch sites, we’re introducing the ability within Calxa to eliminate some of the manual data entry involved in lodging invoices in the NDIS portal. This will fast-track the claims process to maximise cashflow to the organisation.

So here is how it works:

  1. In MYOB: Enter your invoices in MYOB AccountRight 2016 as Time-Billing invoices.
  2. In Calxa: Pull invoices, select which ones are ready for the claim and create a single file.
  3. On NDIA Portal: Now browse to the single file and upload to the portal.

That’s how easy it is. A step-by-step help note is also available.

Instead of entering the invoice details in your accounting system and then again into the NDIA Portal, just enter it once. Use the Time-Billing function in MYOB to create your invoices – this handles both hourly and non-hourly activities. In Calxa we now give you the ability to pull in all of the open invoices, select which ones to lodge and it will create the file to import to the portal – simple!



Note: At this stage, we’ve only released this feature for users of MYOB AccountRight 2016. If there is sufficient demand from users of other systems we will consider extending it. 

This functionality is designed for disability service providers who are not using a Case Management System (CMS) – if you have one of those, that should generally be the source of your invoicing. But for those of you who have limited resources to justify that sort of system upgrade, or disability if just a small part of what you do, this new feature will save you hours of work and help manage double-ups.

We’d love your feedback on this functionality. Let us know what you think!

NZ Charity Reporting

For those users operating within the new NZ reporting standards, we’ve made some improvement to the NZ Charity bundles.  We’ve fine-tuned the report bundles, both to make things easier but also to better reflect more appropriate terminology. Check it out.

Other Stuff

As usual we have some minor bug fixes and have improved behind-the-scene functionality. Make sure to check out the latest Change Log for the technical update.