Last week our CEO, Mick Devine, spent a couple of days in Sydney talking to people in the disability services sector about their challenges in preparing for the NDIS. Reporting on unit costs appears to be a common hurdle for many. There was much learning done!

It was a great opportunity to talk face-to-face with many people from a range of organisations. What they all had in common was a need to calculate unit costs from their MYOB data so that they could effectively (a) understand the costs of the services they were providing and (b) ensure the sustainability of those services.

While MYOB is great for the compliance side of the business, it can be limited in the reporting that is often necessary for management summaries, especially with the complexities of NDIS. We were able to introduce Calxa’s tools to many people and show how we can simplify this reporting challenge. Unit costing can be complex, and sometimes it’s necessary to do the complex calculations, but for regular monthly monitoring of costs, most organisations are better off with something that will give them a quick, easy guide to what’s happening. Check out our article ‘Making sense of unit costs‘ if you want some tips.

As the full rollout of the NDIS gets closer, we’ll be attending more of these events and meeting more of you out there – come and introduce yourself if you can. We are more than happy to share our learnings.