Nobody likes price rises but we all know that they are a reality of business. Here at Calxa we’re no different. In our endeavour to operate as the best business we can be, our challenge is to balance our social responsibility with the commercial aspects. This brings to reality our vision:


Help organisations reduce their reporting burden by delivering incredible software that automates processes and workflows to save substantial time.


After almost 4 years, we are implementing a price increase from 1 January 2019. We’re confident that the new prices still reflect excellent value to all our customers.


Saving you time every month


We’ve had lots of feedback from customers over the past year on how much time the new browser app is saving them – from automating accounting system updates to scheduled delivery of reports – as well as just being easier to use.

Once the final few desktop features are moved online in the coming weeks, we have a long list of improvements and enhancements to deliver in 2019 – all designed to remove the bottlenecks from your reporting process and help you work more efficiently and effectively. It’s all hush-hush for now but I’m certain we won’t disappoint!


The New Prices

Monthly subscriptions will change to:

  • Calxa Express $39
  • Calxa Premier $170

Those of you that wish to continue on annual subscriptions will change to:

  • Calxa Express $468
  • Calxa Premier $2,040

All other prices stay the same. Additional organisations and users stay at $10. The Premier 50 is still $500, Premier 200 is still $1,250.

The new prices will apply to invoices generated on or after 1 January 2019. We will continue our donation program with Connecting Up and are still working on reaching our $2 million milestone.  We are also working on adding not-for-profit programs in the UK and the US, so stay tuned.


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email our CEO, Mick Devine, directly on [email protected].