The Calxa Roadmap for 2022 has already kicked off with a popular update: Report Styles. A well-received new feature that allows you to brand your reports the way you want. To make life easier for you, we will have a big focus this year on performance and improved usability. At the same time, you’ll also see more flexible dashboards, better management of many organisations and, as always, a host of small but useful changes.



Calxa Releases for 2021 in Review

Before we start with the Calxa roadmap for 2022, we should review a bumper 2021. We started the year with big improvements to budgets. After that, we then improved the power and flexibility of your cost centre reporting with Combinations and Business Unit Trees. Of course, there was lots more for you along the way.


Budget Formulas and Layouts

A big focus in the first quarter of 2021 was giving you better budgets:

  • Live formulas for budgets on accounts and metrics
  • Improved filters, including the option to use an Account Tree
  • Budget by month, year or quarter
  • Editing of total rows
  • Flexible layouts including viewing budgets by Business Unit for a single account


The Business Unit Makeover

We know that many of our customers have chosen Calxa because we’ve always given you the most flexible reporting for your business units. There’s always room for improvement though. So, this year we brought you Business Unit Combinations and Business Unit Trees.

  1. Combinations help when you need to budget or report at the intersection of Xero Tracking Categories.
  2. Business Unit Trees give you the ultimate in flexibility:
    1. Create a hierarchy of business units and show consolidated or detail information for any header level.
    2. Report on business units across organisations.


Other Changes in 2021

Some of our more popular, smaller changes were:

  • More reports with comparison to previous years
  • Improved import options for manual organisations
  • In-app messenger for faster help response
  • Daily sync with your accounting system
  • Multi-organisation consolidation improvements:
    • Different year ends,
    • and, fixed exchange rates by account.



What Will the Calxa Roadmap for 2022 Look Like?

We’ve been collecting your feedback for many years and that forms the basis for our planning each year.

Our goal is to give you the tools you need so you can produce your budgets and monthly reports as efficiently as possible.

Here’s what we are planning for the Calxa Roadmap for 2022. Of course, with the caveat that we do review this roadmap quarterly so the details can change! To keep up-to-date, come along to our quarterly webinars or check out our change logs on the latest releases.


Grouping and Ordering Things

That may not sound sexy, but you’ll like it when you see it. Over the next few months, we will give you the ability to group and order KPIs, Metrics and Report Bundles. This will make it much easier to manage when you have long lists.


Advanced KPIs

The Calxa roadmap for 2022 has big plans for KPIs. We’re working on making it easier for you to create and maintain your custom KPIs. You will be able to:

  • type formulas rather than having to select components from a list and those components won’t break if you rename them.
  • Build one formula from another


Xero Billing

If you’re a Xero user, you’ll soon be able to add your Calxa subscription to your Xero account. Why is this on the Calxa roadmap for 2022 you may ask? It’s to make your life easier and in delivering just one single invoice each month. The Xero billing system isn’t quite as flexible as ours (yet), so it won’t suit everyone. Make sure to talk to us if you think it would be interesting to you.


Flexible Dashboards in the Calxa Roadmap for 2022

We have one team working on adding flexibility to our dashboards. First, there will be some pre-sets coming. This will be followed by the option to view them for organisation groups and business units. To top it off, we are also working on an end-user designer to give you full control of the content on the Dashboards.


Improving the Report Builder

Late last year we had great feedback from many of you from our Report Builder focus groups. These valuable insights will form part of the Calxa roadmap for 2022. Our product team are working through the feedback to make it easier to find, select and work with reports. Watch this space!


Advanced Account Trees

Inspired by the feedback you have given on Business Unit Trees, we’re going to apply the same principles to Account Trees. And, while we are improving things, we will add some extra flexibility:

  • A single Account Tree to span multiple organisations
  • Export and import of Account Trees
  • Formulas in Running Totals
  • KPIs in Account Trees


Performance and Usability

We mentioned right at the beginning that better usability and performance will be part of the Calxa roadmap for 2022. We know there are some parts of Calxa that aren’t as easy to use as they could be. In addition, some areas don’t work as quickly as they could.

In 2022, we are dedicating considerable resources to improving those. Some of these changes you may not notice immediately but the cumulative effect over the next 12 months should be a snappier, more consistent application. That’s the way you want it, right?



Feedback on the Calxa Roadmap for 2022

We couldn’t do this without your support, engagement and feedback. We blush when you tell us you like things, we learn when you tell us what isn’t so good. Please don’t be shy and tell us what would make a difference to you.