We’ve had a brave and hardy bunch testing Calxa Online for the past few weeks and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. They’ve been an immense help to us in ironing out a few bugs and monitoring and improving performance. One of the key benefits has been collaboration and the ability to work remotely.  Darwin accountant Kym Yeoward says, “I work with many remote communities in the Northern Territory and Calxa Online has made it much easier for me to work with those clients”.

Benefits of Collaboration

Kym and others on the beta testing program have been able to access the same Calxa data from different locations. Previously Kym would have either had to transfer files back and forth or log in remotely to the client site. Now, with the Calxa workspace securely stored online, he can access it at the same time as his client and have much more productive discussions. He gives one example of a discussion between the manager of a remote Top End community business, their accountant in Darwin and their advisor in Canberra, all able to work together. “Given the challenges these communities face in running retail stores and welfare services, this will really help them manage effectively”, Kym added.

Sharing the Workload

Kathy Dickson at Lithgow Community Transport found similar benefits but from a different angle. Previously she had been responsible for all the budgeting and reporting, simply because her other team members worked from home and didn’t have access to Calxa. Now she says. “We have so much more flexibility. We can share the load and my staff are still able to work from home. That frees up my time to work on other projects”.

With the transition to the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme), having reports at their fingertips is vital to Kathy and her team and using Calxa Online has made that much easier.

The beta testing program has been immensely valuable to us in helping to get a robust online experience ready for everyone else. You’ll be able to see for yourself in a couple of weeks when the next Calxa update is released. It will include access to Calxa Online for all users and we’d love your feedback when you try it.

Here is the Help Note to get your Calxa Online started.