Brief look at the Cloud App Roadmap.

Working on our online app has been as much a reflective process as it has been a revelation. The world online is infinite and is going to afford us a platform to deliver a great product in return. Our team is really embracing the upcoming changes, we hope you our partners and customers will too. So here is a bit of a preview of the Roadmap ahead.


December 2016

In December we’ll release the next step: A new online dashboard and the ability to manage workspaces and organisations online. This will include connecting to new accounting data and updating it as well as managing workflows for automation.


Early 2017

Early in the New Year we will expand on the reporting side of things online, giving you the ability to select, print and deliver reports from your browser. We’ll further expand the online app to include the first phase of the online budget editor. The initial focus will be on getting the functionality of Calxa Express completely online: Budgets and reports at the organisation level, the basic setup options.


Q2 2017

The more complex editing tasks like KPIs and Account Trees will now follow along with more advanced options for editing budgets. We’re not just replicating the desktop functionality as we move Calxa online, we’re re-examining every aspect of the software to look at how we can make it easier, make it work better for you.


You will be able to access the Online App from your desktop Calxa anytime you like. So feel free to tinker and make suggestions. As always we love your feedback along the way!