After three months of beta testing, we can finally say “it’s ready”. The first phase of Calxa Online is officially completed and available for customers to implement this week. This would not have been possible without the great help from a band of beta testers who’ve been working with Calxa Online for the past couple of months. Thanks to their efforts we can now make the online workspaces available to everyone.

If you’re not ready to move online as yet, there are some report and chart improvements in next week’s update that will help you.

Online Workspaces

So what is Calxa Online anyway? This next stage (due to be released in the first few days of December) will give you the option of storing your data in our cloud servers (well, actually they are Microsoft’s cloud servers, located in Sydney). You’ll then be able to access your budgets and reports from any computer, anywhere with Calxa installed.

Should you go online straight away?

That depends. When you go online you can transfer your Organisation data from your local or network workspace to the online workspace but be aware of what that does and doesn’t include.

Does: It will transfer your budgets, cashflow settings, Account Trees and customised reports.

Does Not: KPIs and Report Bundles sit outside the Organisation (so you can include multiple companies) and aren’t included in the transfer. You’ll need to manually recreate these in the online workspace. If you have just a few, give the online workspace a try. If you have many or complex KPIs or Bundles, wait for the next update when we’ll have a full workspace transfer that will include these.

Can you go back after going online?

Yes but at this stage just by exporting and importing budgets and customised reports and copying account trees manually. We will shortly have a simpler process for this but our Customer Support team will be happy to help if you need guidance in the meantime.

What else is new?

The Financial Statement reports have been updated to include Last Year Actuals on the Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Statement of Cashflow reports. The Trial Balance now includes the selected Month and Year to Date movements. There have been lots of additional fields added to the Budget Summary, Spreadsheet Profit and Loss and Cost Centre Variance reports. Check out the software version log for a list of new fields or the comprehensive list is available in the Report Designer: General Concepts help note. To finish things off, we’ve also improved the number formats on chart labels. As always, we welcome your feedback on changes we make to Calxa – let us know how we can improve it to make your life easier.