Calxa Australia Pty Ltd launches Calxa Express, the company’s latest product designed to simplify financial management for small business owners by delivering cashflow forecasting and budgets in minutes, allowing them to view and understand their financial information quickly and easily.

Calxa Express tackles the “achilles heel” of thousands of small business owners who are not trained in financial management and find it difficult to transform their spreadsheets or MYOB files into a clear picture of their financial status.

Calxa Express Features:

  • The “Quick Start Wizard” allows users to easily integrate with existing accounting files (such as MYOB, etc) and get going with Calxa Express in minutes
  • Using previous year’s actual figures as a base, users are prompted to adjust income & expenses and select payment schedules for, PAYG, GST, etc., then instantly have at their fingertips cashflow forecasts, various budgeting scenarios and professional reports and graphs
  • Budgets can be easily fine-tuned; play around by creating different versions of budgets (best and worst case scenario budgets, for example) and use Budget Shortcuts to do it in record time
  • Create Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet Budgets, Cashflow Forecasts, Reports, Graphs and Charts that give a clear picture of financial data, look professional, and can easily be emailed to an accountant, investor or board member

Calxa Express Benefits:

  • Difficulties such as time constraints and limited financial knowledge become problems of the past
  • Potential problems are identified before they occur
  • Business owners can better identify what is driving changes
  • Unique animated charts and graphs help companies better understand and better present financial data

“Our goal with Calxa Express is to empower small business owners by helping them with the difficult and labor-intensive task of taking control of their financial planning, and ultimately their financial well-being. In particular, Express helps with cashflow forecasts: something every business should produce on a regular basis,” said Mick Devine, CEO of Calxa. “We are particularly proud of the fact that it takes only minutes for a new user to import data, tweak figures, and be looking at a snapshot of their financial position in any format they’d like.”

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About Calxa Australia

Calxa Australia delivers the leading budgeting and cashflow forecasting software for Not-For-Profit organisations and small businesses throughout Australia and New Zealand. It integrates with accounting systems such as MYOB and QuickBooks, producing error-free reports quickly and easily. The company’s headquarters are in Townsville, Queensland.

For more information please contact:

Mick Devine, CEO Calxa Australia Pty Ltd Email: [email protected] Phone: 0433 77 88 05