When it comes to technology, small tips and tricks usually make the difference to user experience. So recently we compiled a list of our ‘Calxa Editing Tips’ with three major topics; Budget Editing Tips, Cashflow Settings, and KPI Tips.

Budget Editing Tips

When starting with budgets, Calxa’s Budget Factory is your new best friend. Use last year’s actuals or other budgets as your base data to create all your business unit budgets in less time than you can make a cup of coffee. You can then present your budgets using the spreadsheet report and add your Budgets and Notes report into a report bundle for convenience. For more detail on Budget Editing Tips check out our video below.

Cashflow Settings

Cashflow Forecasting is a valuable tool when done correctly. Getting to know your Cashflow with Calxa focuses on two aspects; Default Accounts and Cashflow Settings. Default Accounts configures the most important accounts as well as timing for the cashflow and balance sheet forecasting. Cashflow Settings allows you to fine tune the timing with custom profiles on a per account basis (available in Calxa Premier only). If you are unsure about anything to do with your Cashflow Settings please contact Support on 1800 733 249 or [email protected].

KPI Tips

KPIs are commonly used to evaluate the success of your organisation or business units goals and targets. Create your own custom Key Performance Indicators which can then be used in your KPI reports and charts (Calxa Premier only). Choose from Calxa’s 15 default KPIs, for example: Debt Ratio, Working Capital Ratio, Gross Profit Margin, and Wages to Turnover. Add KPIs to existing reports, create a KPI report or visualise them in a chart. If you want more information on customising your KPIs look at our Help Notes. or watch our Get Creative with KPIs video below.

So there you have it! Some helpful Calxa Editing Tips. Visit our Help Centre for more help on using Calxa.