With Calxa being endorsed as the leading Add-on solution for MYOB, there has never been a better time to get on board with this exclusive MYOB offer available until the end of September.

Forecast your cashflow and avoid suprises

When you can predict your future cashflow, you can plan your business decisions more easily. That’s where Calxa Express can make a change to your business, for the better.

Imagine the possibilities of gaining insight into your business and getting a REAL snapshot into the future. Chris Booth from The Herb Booth¬†does just that: “Just this week I saved $5,000 by reviewing my expenses and changing one of my suppliers. I wouldn’t have been prompted to do that if I hadn’t been using Calxa’s cashflow forecast”.

Act on opportunities with confidence

With easy-to-use scenario & what if planning, you can quickly predict upcoming hotspots and take your business in the right direction. Monthly reports such as Where Did Our Money Go and the animated Cashflow Forecast Charts will help you achieve your goals.

With Calxa Express you can:

  • Prepare a cashflow forecast based on your budget in just a few minutes
  • Identify potential cashflow problems before they occur
  • Identify what is driving changes
  • Use wizards to create budgets easily
  • Edit and review your budgets as your business changes