New Admin Area in Calxa Online provides visibility of Client Subscription

Many of you manage subscriptions for both your own practice and for your clients. We’re busy working on making this easier for you. The first step (being able to view your subscriptions) is up and running and there’s more to come in the next few weeks.


What you can do now

In the Admin area, you can see each subscription and the workspaces that are attached to it. Think of a workspace as a container for organisations or company files. Most of your clients will just have one workspace but for your practice, it makes sense to have multiple workspaces so you can easily group and separate client information, or the clients that a particular member or your team is working on.

You have clear visibility of how many organisations and users have been created (and what’s left on the subscription unused). You can add new organisations (providing the accounting data is online), invite new users and remove existing users.


What you can do very soon

In mid-November, you’ll get full control over user permissions – what workspaces and organisations each person can access, what business units within those organisations, and whether they can report, edit or both.


The final steps

By early December we should have the full billing process available to you – add your subscriptions, transfer subscriptions to someone else, update payment details and more. We’ve known for a long time that our process for adding extra users and organisations was much more complex than it needed to be. We think you’ll like the simplicity of the new system.

We’ll also make it easier for you to cancel your subscription. Naturally, that’s not something we want you to do, but we do believe in giving you full control. If we’re not providing value to you or one of your clients, you should be able to cancel easily and at any time.

To access Calxa Online, just click on the Sign In button at the top of the page on our website.