In the next month or so we will release an update many of you have been waiting for – the option to bundle your monthly reports and run them all with one click. We previewed this at our Calxa Club last week in Sydney and had very favourable feedback.

One of the regular comments we have had from customers is that when preparing monthly (or quarterly) reports, it sometimes is hard to remember the various report criteria settings for the different reports in all their different combinations for different users.

 We’ve listened and we’ve taken care of that for you, automating another area for quicker reporting and greater time savings.

You’ll be able to set up the report the way you want it and then save it to a Bundle. Make a few changes and save the next variation to the Bundle. Create one Bundle for the board, another for the CEO, one for the bank and one for your operational people. Give them all the information they need with the right level of detail.

Each month it’s then a simple matter of saying “Give me the Board Report for August”. OK, we haven’t got the voice activation yet but it’s almost that simple.