Budgeting and cashflow management are not the easiest thing to do. Not for Profits and Small Businesses now have access to the best budgeting and cashflow forecasting software on the market.  Calxa Premier, an innovative and unique tool for simplifying and automating budgets and cashflow forecasts, can help anyone become a financial management pro. This new era in budgeting and cashflow management will help organisations become more sustainable.

Doing Budgets & Cash Flow Forecasts

From doing budgets in a fraction of the time, to easily producing cashflow forecasts, to creating automated, professional reports for the board or management team, Calxa is the key to best practice financial management.

Launching Calxa

Calxa Premier was released to more than 550 existing MoneyManager customers on July 1, 2010.
The first phase involves supporting existing customer and helping them transition to the new software. The much improved application will convince existing users soon and take them on a journey using the improved budgeting and forecasting software. Some upcoming events will be staged to address some of the changes.
“The response from existing customers and partners since our July 1 launch has been extremely positive and encouraging,” said Mick Devine, CEO of Calxa.

Reporting for Not-for-Profits & Small Businesses

Management and Board Reporting can be complex when done in spreadsheets. To add monthly actual figures and maintain a dynamically changing account and project structure, is hard work. The key to accurate data is integration to the underlying accounting system.


“Our goal now is to get Calxa Premier in the hands of as many not-for-profits and small businesses around Australia and New Zealand as we can. We we honestly believe our intuitive, affordably priced tool can greatly reduce the workload and make life easier for their accounting staff.”
If you would like to get more accurate and automated monthly financials, have a go and check out Calxa. You can visit our features page to read more about Calxa Premier, or simply sign up for a free 30-day trial.