We always harp on about how important good governance is and how successful boards are the key to the sustainability of organisations. Our team here at Calxa is always on the lookout for better ways to do business. This includes new tools, improved systems and new processes. We love the idea of what ProcessPA, a modern and easy-to-use governance portal, can deliver for a busy board. Here are some of their thoughts on good governance. Enjoy.


Good governance is what all boards strive for. A smooth system that lets boards set their goals and help to meet them. With good governance, you have confidence in the system with predictably, transparency, and strategic focus.

When it comes to financial reporting to the board, Calxa is killing it. Being a good example of how moving your systems online can create easy access and analysis. This makes up one part of the board governance process.

When it comes to getting your board on track for success, it all starts with governance. That is how we conduct policies, actions and decision-making. This comes from your agenda through to reporting; the board cycle is what makes the governance work around smoothly.



It all starts with your agendas, what will you talk about in your meetings. The best agendas help to identify what your board will talk about and then organise in what order the items will be discussed, prioritising important issues first. Poor agendas are often vague and lack concise items to discuss, leading to wasted time in meetings.



The goal is to have a highly focused meeting, one where all members can stay on task while also having a say in the proceedings. While the agenda is important for the meeting, it’s only one of three major points to consider.

Making sure your meeting runs on time is a great way to show that you are organised with your members. This will encourage your members to show up early as well as speak to the points and positions clearly on the topics. Sticking to the clock also helps to move through your agenda items and cover all topics.


Action Items

When finishing up your meetings, you want to have a clear vision of what happens next. this is where the action items come in. Setting clear actionable items helps ensure your decisions are executed by giving accountability for each task. If something is not getting done, this is an important indicator of potential issues.



The key to all this, in the end, is reporting. Without good reports giving clear information for decision-making the effectiveness of your governance processes are limited. This obviously includes well summarised and presented financial reports like those from Calxa. Just as important are operational issues, update on the strategic plan and key performance indicators.


Rinse repeat

The one thing, above all else, it needs to be done is repetition. Good governance is a process that is repeatable, transparent and consistent. Getting started consistently and improving as you go, even if you don’t feel you have it all right, over time builds great processes and good governance.



About the Author

Matthew Rowan is the Founder and CEO of Process PA, an easy to use online board portal for Associations, Not-for-profits and SME Boards and Management committees. Your administration and record keeping are taken care of through Software-as-a-Service that allows you to focus on the missions of your organisation. Start your free trial today.