Make a positive move towards the NDIS?

Organisations are being challenged to adapt to the new funding environment. Setting up the right systems and processes is the key to easing this transition. They need to cope with an increasing volume of transactions and possible casualisation of the workforce while providing good data to manage the decision-making. Calxa is one part of a technology ecosystem that makes an efficient working solution.

Some of the key changes we have seen out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) are very much around systems and processes inside the organisation.


Ensure your Sustainability


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Unit Costing

Costing your activities is a crucial part of staying sustainable. With increased competition and set NDIA pricing, you will know exactly where your strengths are. By understanding your costs you can make key decisions on what services you should be providing and which will cost you.

Metrics is a Calxa feature that captures non-financial data such as camp participants or kilometres travelled. Use them in KPIs to display charts for comparison and analysis.

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Scenario Building 

Building budgets to model different activity levels is an important part of planning a transition to the NDIS. When the future is uncertain, look at the best and worst case options and consider how you would manage.

Calxa will chart the projected cashflow from each scenario, giving you clear tools for decision-making.

In times of change it’s important to adjust, fine-tune and update your budget regularly. It’s a different process to budgeting for a block-funded grant but not a fundamental move away from what you know.

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Forecast your Cashflow

The only way to maintain sustainability is to know your organisation's cash position. 

With the transition from block funding to fee-for-service your cashflow will be much less predictable and will require more careful management.

Use the cashflow forecast to look at your finance needs over the coming months. Use KPIs to get a quick snapshot of some of the important numbers like Cash Reserves in Days or your Working Capital Ratio.

Board members and management need to ensure the business is solvent – with Calxa you can provide the reports they need.

Serious Reporting

Prepare your systems for the NDIS?

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