Our next update, scheduled for the end of May (give or take a few days) will save you even more time when creating Report Bundles. We’re adding Bundle Templates with a selection of pre-set reports in a bundle to give you an easy starting point.

The first version of the templates we’ll include one for Business Management Reports, one for NFP Management Reports and templates for the New Zealand Charity Tier 3 and Tier 4 reports – meaning they’ll be easier to add for any existing Calxa user and won’t rely using the sample file as previously.


Customising Templated Bundles

Once you’ve created a bundle using the templates, you’ll be able to remove any of the standard reports you don’t want or add any extra ones to suit your needs. You get the flexibility that we know you like with Report Bundles but you won’t have to start completely from scratch each time.


Reckon Hosted Integration(deferred)

If you are using Reckon Hosted the good news is that we are very close to finalising work on direct integration. Previously the workaround has been to download the data file locally and connect but we’ve been working with Reckon on their new ‘API for Hosted’ and we’re in the final stages of testing. We’re expecting to deliver this to you in the next Calxa update.


Faster Data Updates

MYOB users won’t be neglected either – if you have a large data file that’s taking a while to update you’ll get the option to exclude Jobs and Categories if you only need to report at the organisation level. This is something that we’ve already made available to Xero, Reckon and QBO users.


As always, there’ll be a list of minor improvements but we’ll give you more details on those closer to the release.



Footnote – 27/05/2016:

More Flexible Bundle Permissions

We’ve improved the permission process for Report Bundles and integrated it with the overall user management. An administrator can now grant a user permission to edit bundles – but limits on business units will apply, just as they do with regular reports. A user will only see information in the bundles that matches their approved profile.

Reckon Hosted Integration – Update

We had hoped to bring you direct integration to Reckon Hosted this month but we’re currently not satisfied with the performance of the data transfer. We’re working with the team at Reckon and will update you as soon as we can.  In the meantime, it’s best to continue with the workaround of downloading your Reckon file locally to connect to Calxa.

Faster Data Updates – Update

At the time of writing we have some doubts over the timing of this enhancement. If it passes our testing process it will be in this update, otherwise we’ll hold it until next month.