We have a new report for you this month that will appeal to anyone running a business, it’s a Tax Flow Forecast Report. This report is a forecast of your tax and superannuation obligations for the coming months so you can thoroughly plan ahead.


For those of you wanting something more comprehensive, we have added a 3 Way Forecast to the bundle kits, making it easy to assemble the necessary reports.


We’ve also made it possible for you to publish reports and import your budget from Quickbooks.


Tax Flow Forecast Report

Paying taxes such as GST/VAT or Income Tax/Provisional Tax installments takes a big chunk of cash out of most businesses each month or quarter. In addition, you need to make Superannuation/Kiwi Saver or pension fund payments for employees.


We’ve assembled these payments onto one handy report, so you can see at a glance what you need to pay.


What else would you like to see on this report? We have plans for improvements but we’d love your feedback.


The 3 Way Forecast Bundle Kit

Many of our customers use Calxa to produce a 3 Way Forecast, which is a combination of Cashflow Forecast, Balance Sheet Forecast and Profit & Loss Forecast for the next 12 months (or longer). Providing this full set of reports is something we’ve done right from the beginning (or before that for those of you who remember the pre-history MoneyManager days).


Now we’ve made it easier for you to pull the reports together by putting them in a pre-configured Report Bundle Kit.


Simply go to Reports, Bundles, Create New Bundle and select 3 Way Forecast from the available kits and we’ll create the bundle for you with your chosen organisation and budget.


Remember this bundle kit the next time your bank manager is asking for reports or your accountant is asking for your plans for the future.


Published Reports

Another enhancement to your reporting experience this month is that we’ve added the ability to publish reports.


This means you can save the report with all of its data at that point in time.


Publishing a report gives you the ability to go back, within Calxa, to see what was on a particular report last month or at any time when you’ve published a report.


QuickBooks Budgets in Calxa

We recently added the option to continuously import Xero and MYOB AccountRight into Calxa so you could use our advanced reporting with them. Now we’ve done the same with QuickBooks Online.


In My Workspace, Settings, General, just enable the Include QuickBooks Budget option and they’ll come in each time you sync. You can’t edit the budgets in Calxa but you could copy them or use them as the source for the Budget Factory.


Get In Touch

Want another feature added to Calxa?


Get in touch and let us know what you would love to see in an upcoming update.