Streamlining Not-for-Profit Grant Budgets

Make light work of program budgets, unspent funding and grant acquittals.

Online app to make easier work for Finance

Easily manage grant budgets and deliver great reports.

Quicker Job Budgets

Set up next year’s program budgets in just minutes. Bring in your MYOB jobs, Xero tracking categories or QuickBooks classes.

Track Unspent Budgets

Have a clear overview of unspent budgets and easily prepare reports for your Program Managers, CEO and the Board.


Acquit Grants in a Flash

Re-arrange your account structure to match the grant provider and include non-financial achievements to your grant acquittal.

It allows us all to work together as a team. All managers have responsibility for a part of the operation. Now they can see how it all interrelates and where their program fits into the big picture.
Daniel Learoyd

Finance & Administrative Services Manager, Health Workforce Queensland


Automate the Reporting Process

Share a clear overview of the funding throughout the program

Delegate Budgeting Responsibilities

Include program managers in the budgeting process so they can take ownership of the service delivery. Simply provide permissions and access to their data.

Unspent Budget Reporting

Each month run unspent budget reports for each program. Share the detailed reports with program managers and the summary with the board.

Deliver the Acquittals

When it’s time to report to the grant provider, simply include the metrics and KPIs, add your notations and group it into a report bundle ready for delivery.
Our software donation from @calxa makes reporting to @artsqueensland so much simpler! Thank you
Alan Marlowe

Business Manager, Umbrella Studio Inc


How your Program Budgets could look

We designed and built this app for with Not-for-Profits in mind.

Our Customers Love the Budget Builder

Our app has grown from 18 years of customer feedback.

It does at the click of a button what we spend many hours doing in spreadsheets.
Phillip Blackford

Finance & Operations Manager, NSW Rural Doctors Network

It allows reporting on multiple jobs – ideal for NFPs. It can be customised to create the exact format needed.
Kathy Pitrans

Senior Accountant, YWCA of Adelaide Inc

When our full consolidated report is 67 pages, it’s very nice to use the report builder to generate it with one click.
Nadelle Manners

Finance Manager, Muscular Dystrophy SA

30-Day Free Trial

Test-drive Calxa with your own data, import your budgets and play.

Over $2.5 million donations

Australian or New Zealand grassroot not-for-profit can be eligible for our program through Connecting Up and TechSoup.

Most with a turnover under $1m meet the criteria.