Here at Calxa it is in our blood to be continuously improving what we do, which means we know we have a product that is one of the best out there.  We love what we do and we are delighted to have been named by Insights Success Magazine as One of the Best in Class Budgeting and Forecasting Solution Providers of 2018 in the December issue. This issue is all about Financial Performance and Budget Forecasting, with Calxa mentioned in the foreword as one of the distinguished organisations that excels in budgeting and forecasting solutions for Not-for-Profits, small businesses and accountants.


Calxa Saves Time with Budgets and Cashflow Forecasts


In the two page feature in Insight Success Magazine on Calxa, we are praised for making budgeting and forecasting easier:

“Calxa helps not-for-profit organizations, small businesses and accountants to save time by providing the most accurate, automated and user-friendly budgets and cashflow forecasts.”

The article also mentions how we provide the best solutions for our customers with automated reports, excellent customer service and easy to use reports.

One of our core goals, is to make the complex simple for our customers. We simplify reporting and budgeting so that anyone can understand them, even without an accounting degree. Put aptly in the article, we have “designed an application that can simplify complexity without compromising integrity and flexibility.”


One of the Best in 2019


We were one of the best for budgeting and forecasting in 2018 and we intend on being even better in 2019.

We always want to improve the experience for our customers. Our customers are always at the forefront of our minds and shapes everything about the way we work. In the article our CEO Mick Devine sums this up perfectly:

 “Our goal is to keep our customers for life. That’s what drives our constant quest for new and innovative ways to make their lives easier.”


Moving forward into 2019, we will continue to improve and provide solutions that will transform the way that Accountants, Bookkeepers, Small Business Owners and Not-for-Profits report on their financial data.   We will build our product further to make it even more useful to our customers and integral to making their businesses and organisations a success.