This week we will be bringing you improvements to the Budget Builder, subtotals in the Bank Movement report and an easier option to change your payment method when paying an invoice.


Cut, Copy and Paste your Budgets


New this week in the Budget Builder will be the ability to cut, copy and paste your numbers.


We’ve made this update as flexible as we can for you, simply copy one or more rows and paste them to the same or another budget. Copy and paste a column to duplicate the budget for a month. Or, simply select a range of cells, containing any number of rows or columns, copy them and then paste to another range.


Keyboard warriors will be able to use the familiar Ctrl-X, Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V (or Command for Mac users) combinations to perform these tasks. The rest of us will use the pop-up menu you’ll see when you select a range.


More Budget Builder improvements to come soon


In mid-June’s release, we’ll give you the option to add comments to individual cells in a budget so you can easily document your assumptions and make it clear to your colleagues how a budget has been set.


As well as copying and pasting within a budget, you will also be able to copy and paste to or from a spreadsheet or any other application.


This improvement will be especially useful when you’re entering actuals and budgets for non-financial metrics.


There’ll also be a host of filtering options such as by account or account type (Income, Expense, etc). You’ll be able to show just rows with data – this will be a big help for those of you doing project budgets where not many rows are populated.



Subtotals in Bank Movement Reports


Bank Movement reports are popular for getting an alternate view of your cash flow.


Bank Movement reports start with the opening bank balance and then show the accrual-based account movements, listing income and expenses and then the asset and liability movements to finish with the closing bank balance.


While there was previously a subtotal for the Net Profit, we’ve responded to your feedback and will be adding in the Gross Profit and Operating Profit lines as well. It pays to ask for changes!


Simpler Invoice Management


While we do email invoices to you every month, we understand that they sometimes get lost.


You’ll be able to, if you’re the payer on the subscription, view and download any past invoice within Calxa. You’ll just click your name at the top right and then Billing.


Here you will be able to pay an open invoice. When you do so, we’ve added the option to change your payment method at that point. This should make life easier for the bookkeepers and administrators in your organisation.


Look out for the latest software update later this week.