Integrated 3-Way Forecasts

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Integrated 3-Way Forecast
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Automate your 3-Way Forecasts


Build Your Budgets

  • Budgets from drivers and actuals
  • Loan Wizard for principal & interest
  • Add capital purchases & repayments

Cash Flow Settings

  • Choose timing of payments
  • Schedule tax/payroll liabilities
  • Optimise debtor & creditor profiles

Pre-configured Report

  1. Select 3-way forecast bundle kit
  2. Add forecast to your report bundle
  3. Set workflow to automate delivery
Reports for Not for Profits - Cashflow Forecast

Wholistic Forecasting

Monthly & rolling forecasts

Scenarios & forecasts up to 10 years

Consolidated group cash flow

Cash flow statements

Direct and indirect methods


Maximise Calxa for Advisory Reporting

Learn how to streamline and standardise your client reporting process.



Complete Management Reporting Tool



Multi-currency reporting across unlimited companies to deliver consolidated budgets, cash flow forecasts and KPIs.


Scenario Modelling

Build different scenarios – ‘best case’ and ‘worst case’. Compare ‘what ifs’ on a trend line chart or side-by-side with variances.

NFP Reporting

Reports designed for not-for-profits and charities. Deliver actuals vs budget, unspent funds and re-forecast for your programs.

Budget Builder

Create your budget, import them from a spreadsheet or simply sync yours from Xero. Choose your views and layouts.

Tracking Categories

Bring in tracking categories to budget and report on your divisions, programs or jobs. Combine them across Xero files.

KPIs and Metrics

Use pre-configured KPIs or create your own. Add non-financial metrics to track performance.

Flexible Reporting Engine


180+ Pre-built Templates

Select from the many reports – line charts, bar graphs, number reports, pie or waterfall charts.

Re-arrange Structure

Re-group your chart of accounts to summarise & simplify reports for the various audiences.


Branded Report Styles

Create multiple styles to include your logo and brand colours or your client’s branding.


Automated Delivery

Batch reports into a Bundle, add a cover page, do some annotations and automate its delivery.

Customisable Dashboards

Choose from pre-set options or create a custom dashboard to match your client’s needs.

Xero Developer since 2011

Calxa has been a leading Xero add-on for many years specialising in delivering deep insights to businesses and not-for-profits.

How do we do it?
  • Seamless integration to Xero

  • Building an easy to use and functional app
  • Applying in-depth statistical analysis to deliver quality insights
  • Use great design to solve complex problems and user experiences
  • Tap into our accounting experience to simplify reporting processes
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Ian Wheeler - Partner, WLF Accounting & Advisory

“Calxa is brilliant for management reporting and cashflow budgeting. We have found the product adds value to our services and enables us to give better advice to our clients. It has many useful reports including 3-way projections and accurate cashflow budgets that are easy to create.”


Maximise Calxa for Advisory Reporting

Learn how to streamline and standardise your client reporting process.



Management Reporting in One Xero App


Multi-Currency Consolidations

Create an Entity Group once and re-use it forever. If the Chart of Accounts doesn’t match, create a standard Account Tree structure and copy from one company to another, matching up the missing accounts. Put together a bundle for each group and monthly reporting will be simple.


  • Consolidate unlimited companies
  • True multi-currency consolidation
  • Inter-company eliminations
  • Manage partial ownership
  • Create common account structure
  • Consolidate departments across entities

Budget & Report on Tracking Categories

Bring in your tracking categories directly from Xero. Manage your budgets in Calxa and run reports on one, some or all. Alternatively, consolidate departments across many branches, companies, franchises. Visualise your divisions on charts or run comparison reports.


  • Sync your tracking categories whenever you like
  • Roll up projects to the organisation budget
  • Budget at the intersection of two cost centres
  • Report side-by-side or row-by-row
Reports for Not for Profits - Wages by Program

Designed for NFPs

Help your not-for-profit and charity clients with their board reports and grant acquittals. Track funding for each project and manage unspent money. 


  • Budget by tracking categories
  • Roll up projects to the organisation budget
  • Re-forecast throughout the year
  • Manage unspent funding
  • Set user permissions by program

Powerful Budgets

Build multi-year budgets based on your Xero data in just minutes. Roll up tracking category budgets to the company budget to simplify things.

  • Sync budgets from your Xero or import from your spreadsheet
  • Use the budget factory to update budgets based on last year
  • Budget by financial or calendar year or whatever period that suits
  • Edit by month, quarter or year
  • Set account budgets by tracking category or cost centre budgets by account
  • Use driver-based budgets or formulas for complex calculations
  • Add budgets for your non-financial metrics
Calxa Budgeting Tool - Cumulative YTD

Plan with ‘What If’ Scenarios

Assist your clients with planning for the future. Advise with scenario modelling to compare ‘best-case’ to ‘worst-case’ to manage risk and plan for growth.


  • Create additional budget versions for each scenario
  • Review cash flow settings
  • Compare cash flow scenarios with line charts
  • Produce a full 3-way forecast for each scenario
  • Or, run a cash flow comparison chart

KPIs & Non-Financial Metrics

Some of the most powerful business insights are Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Farmers now can get insights into yield per hectare or revenue per kg of milk. Restaurants and cafes can check food cost percentages. Retailers monitor Average Transaction Values and more.


  • Choose from 18 standard KPIs or create your own
  • Add KPIs to a template or run a comparison line chart
  • Track non-financial metric budgets and actuals
  • Use metrics and KPIs in formulas to create your budgets

Set Up Your Accounts and Reports in Minutes

We save you time by doing the heavy lifting for you. Quickly sync your favourite data source or import your spreadsheets to Calxa

Calxa Integration

Priced for the Serious Practice

Premier200 is our pricing plan designed for the progressive firm that has put advisory at the forefront of its growth. It will allow you to scale your stream easily and increase your margins.



We provide you with containers where you can keep one client or many for sharing with your client or with your colleagues.


User permissions allows you to manage access for your team. Or, hand ownership to your client and retain free advisor access.

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Bookkeepers & Accountants Love It

When our customers take time out of their busy schedule, their feedback means a lot.

We bedded Calxa into our Advisory service offering over 2 years ago and haven’t looked back – the best 3-way forecasting platform I’ve used. The reporting transforms the client conversation and really brings the numbers to life! Oh, and the support is outstanding – the Calxa team bend over backwards to help. Love it…

Wendy Davies

Director of Business Advisory, Nexia Perth

Calxa and the team have delivered a strong and smart software that allows us to provide the cash flow and budget variance reports that our customers require on a daily basis.

Ryan Miller

Chief Executive Officer, Keeping Company

We’ve been using Calxa for a number of years now, with Not for Profit and SMEs to run budgeting, cashflow and consolidated reporting. Love the fact that budgets and metrics can be easily loaded. And, the multi entity consolidation is so simple to use – we have a client with 9 entities – 5 x AU, and 4 x US. To be able to consolidate reporting in either currency was a game changer.

Cassandra Scott

Director, Laurus Bookkeeping