Budgeting Tips for Not-for-Profits

A Practical Guide

A Guide to Better Budgeting and Board Reporting


Budgeting Tips for Not-for-Profits is designed for those of you approaching the end of financial year. It’s time to start thinking about budgets for next year. Some would argue that it’s never too early to start planning for next year’s budget.

Follow these budgeting tips to kick-start your not-for-profit’s planning for a pain-free budget season.


Budgeting Tips for Not-for-Profits covers:

  • A chat on spreadsheets
  • A chat on budgeting in Calxa
  • Budget editing tips
  • Key budget report samples to as an example


Budgets in Calxa

One of the strengths of a budgeting application such as Calxa is that it provides structure. Starting from the list of accounts from your accounting system (whether that’s Xero, MYOB or QuickBooks), you can be confident from the start that when you come to compare actuals to budgets, everything will line up perfectly.

While Calxa doesn’t give you the wild ‘you can do anything’ flexibility of a spreadsheet, there are some ways in which it is even more flexible. One key example there is in managing multiple versions of a budget. With Calxa it’s easy to keep track of your original, approved budget, your current forecast and various drafts and alternate scenarios. On the report filters you can easily select which one to report against so that you can distribute copies. Once you’ve settled on the final, approved version, it’s a simple click to set one of them as your main budget to work on for the rest of the year – and you can lock the Approved Budget once it’s been signed off by the board.

Budgeting Tips for Not-for-Profits will show you how you can do clever things in a application like Calxa. Sign up for your free 30-Day Trial to test this yourself.


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