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Easy management reports linking to MYOB


Ian Wheeler - Partner, WLF Accounting & Advisory

“Calxa is brilliant for management reporting and cashflow budgeting. It links seamlessly with MYOB without any fuss.”


Powerful reporting engine

Powerful Budgets

Use the Budget Factory to build multi-year budgets based on your MYOB data, at the company, Job or Category level. Job budgets roll up to the company budget so there’s no need to maintain both. Set your budgets by financial year, calendar year or whatever period suits your needs. Create alternate budgets for scenario planning. Then use the flexibility of our reports to give your clients the level of information they need.

Cost Centre Comparison

Jobs are essential to many of your clients and Calxa gives you the tools to budget and report on them. Your Job budgets can roll up to the organisation budget, ensuring it’s always in sync. Create and save lists of Jobs or Categories to use on reports. Almost all of our reports and charts can be run on cost centres or groups of cost centres, giving you deep insights into the whole organisation.

Full 3-Way Forecasts

Start from the Profit and Loss budget (easily built from your Xero actuals); add in a Balance Sheet budget (we calculate the complex accounts for you); select the right schedule for your GST, PAYG and Super and the hard work is done. We estimate the timing of payments and receipts based on your current debtors and creditors, but you have the option of over-riding that to suit your needs. Add the 3 reports to a bundle and it’s just one click every month from there.

Custom KPIs and Non-Financial Metrics

Some of the most powerful business insights are Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We have designed some standard ones we think are useful, but you can supplement these by creating your own. Imagine tracking your core business targets each month. Farmers now can get insights into yield per hectare or revenue per kg of milk. Restaurants and cafes can check food cost percentages. Retailers monitor Average Transaction Values and more.

Consolidation of Multiple Entities

Almost all the 120+ reports and charts in Calxa can be run for a consolidated company group and there are some special overview and comparison reports as well. Create an Entity Group once and re-use it forever. If the Chart of Accounts doesn’t match, create a standard Account Tree structure and copy from one company to another, matching up the missing accounts. Put together a bundle for each group and monthly reporting will be simple.

Choice of 120+ Templates

While you can start quickly with one of our Report Bundle Kits, to really give your clients the information they want, explore the full suite of 120+ report and chart templates. There are KPI reports, statutory reports, reports suitable for a bank and more. Choose financial year reports or those with a flexible date range. Select from line charts, bar charts, waterfall charts or simply a report with numbers. And if that’s not enough, the Report Designer lets you add your own variations.

Automate Report Delivery

Once you’ve set up a Report Bundle for each client, create a Workflow to automate the delivery every month – or week or day. Send a copy to yourself first if you want to review the numbers and then schedule a copy to the client for the following day, ready to arrive reliably in their inbox without any extra effort on your part. Workflows can automate updates from MYOB to Calxa and the sending of any bundle of reports to one or more email addresses. Use them to drive your efficiency.

Accounting Partners’ #1 Choice

Calxa has been a leading add-on for many years. Being voted “MYOB Partner Choice” was no surprise to many but certainly an honour to the team.


“Our add-on partners expand and complement the functionality of MYOB’s products and Calxa stands out for its stellar work with small businesses, accountants and not-for-profits. They thoroughly deserved this award”.

— Tim Reed, MYOB CEO —


For Businesses

Automate 3-Way Forecast for the bank and business teams to deliver deep insights for planning, risk management and good advice.

For Not-for-Profits

Help simplify board reporting and grant acquittals for your social enterprise clients. Your contribution with have a big impact.


For Accounting Practices

An easy income stream. Designed to work with workspaces and many users, you can set workflows to automate the delivery.


For Bookkeepers

It’s all about Starting a Conversation and helping your clients better understand their business. Become invaluable, make them ‘sticky’.

Bookkeepers & Accountants Love It

When our customers take time out of their busy schedule, their feedback means a lot.


Michelle Brown - Owner, Oakleaf Bookkeeping

“It’s like air-conditioning. Once you’ve had it, you can’t go without it.”


Karen Groves - Director, Successful Alliances

“There is nothing more rewarding than being able to accurately show a client where they are spending their money. It is an invaluable tool.”


Fiona Bell - Principal, DependaBell Accounting

“This is for anyone wanting clarify with their financials. Calxa allows me to provide my clients with this invaluable information easily.”

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