We are looking for top gun marketers!

We are going global and are building an inhouse digital team with PPC, SEO, CRO skills that are backed up by writers, videographers, content creators and graphically skilled talent.


Real expertise

  • You’re an expert in design of social media and print ads, all types of collateral and production of artwork.
  • Maybe you have tried your hand at UX design and quality assured mockups to app production.
  • You are not afraid at trying your hand at video productions, infographics, GiFs and other media.
  • You have a keen eye for visual balance and staying true to brand.
  • Maybe you come from a production background and videos and storytelling is your strength.


The absolute essentials

  • You have previous design and marketing experience and you are good at any one of these skills or have demonstrated a combination of aptitudes.
  • Mostly, you have a real desire for modern design principles and contemporary visualisation.
  • You like a challenge and love collaboration.
  • But more than anything, results give you a kick.


The offer

  • Ideally you want a full-time role and are ready to make a commitment.
  • But, we’re open to part-time arrangements.
  • The position is based in our HQ in Townsville, North Queensland, Australia.



Interested? Get in Touch

Email your resume to [email protected].