Small Businesses Use Calxa

Small Businesses
Use Calxa

Cashflow forecasts in minutes….. No need to be an accountant to predict your bank balance. Review upcoming ‘Hotspots’ and make informed decisions to control your future. Impress your bank and gain instant credibility. Simply be proactive, not reactive.

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Not-For-Profits Use Calxa

Use Calxa

Become more efficient and fast track your grant acquittals and board reporting. Auditors, grant providers and board members will love the accurate, professional-looking and easy-to-read reports. Eliminate complicated spreadsheets and make your organisation more transparent.

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Accountants Use Calxa

Use Calxa


Integrate directly with the underlying accounting data and produce variance reports, graphs and charts at the click of a mouse each month. Customise reports to your clients’ needs. Brand reports with your logo for a professional finish and batch them for easy delivery.

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Why Choose Calxa

MYOB Small

Calxa is the leading budgeting and cashflow forecasting software today.

  • No complicated spreadsheets
  • Link directly to your accounting data
  • Use shortcuts and wizards to save time
  • Access a library of reports and charts
  • Customise reports to suit your needs

Real Reporting

Our Donation Program

Our donations help grassroots Not-for-Profits achieve the same productivity improvements as their larger counterparts.

Calxa has partnered with Connecting Up and
TechSoup New Zealand to provide
free budgeting software.

$1,000,000 Donations


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If your organisation’s turnover is less than $1 million,
check to see if you are eligible.

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donation thermometer
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Updated: 28/07/2015
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Calxa $1m Donation Program for Not-for-Profits

Calxa Australia partners with ConnectingUp and TechSoup NZ to provide $1,000,000 worth of budgeting software to grassroots Not-for-Profit organisations across Australia and New Zealand. [Update, October 2011 - Connecting Up have made us their Partner of the Month in recognition of our donation program - the only one by an Australian software company]

Through the alliance, we make available Calxa Premier free of charge to smaller Not-for-Profit organisations so that you can achieve the same productivity increases as your larger counterparts - freeing up resources to be directed towards your core services. Everyone expects NFPs to spend more of their resources on service delivery and less on administration. This is our way of helping you achieve this goal while still providing the reporting needed to achieve good governance.

Calxa Premier is the leading software assisting NFPs with budget reporting - meeting essential management requirements. It provides transparency to donors and grant-providers as well as control to board members. Traditionally it's been a very labour-intensive process with many organisations spending days each month preparing reports.

You will find Calxa Premier simple to use, providing reports that are easily interpreted by non-accountants. The software allows you to easily tailor reports, update data and manage complex budgets. Integrating directly with your MYOB or QuickBooks file, it guarantees accuracy and data integrity. Lynda Little of The Place says "I use Calxa Premier every day. We are operating our first budget and with it I am able to build scenario and actual budgets, essential for our growth and development"

ConnectingUp has been helping Not-for-Profits with donations from Microsoft, Symantec and others for a number of years now and we're proud to add our name to the list. Eligibility guidelines are available at ConnectingUp website. Not-for-profit organisations with an annual turnover of less than $1million are encouraged to apply.


On a monthly basis I update the clients MYOB file and provide them with a monthly profit & loss report by job with budget. It is perfect. Kerry is also impressed with Calxa’s customer service. They have an 0800 number that goes straight to support in Austral...

The visual impact of these reports enables our non-financial board members to rapidly grasp their content and interpret their results. The easy integration to our accounting system and other time-saving features significantly reduce the costs of our budget pro...

The reports Calxa produces are highly professional documents and I think this is a benefit to the not-for-profit sector, who often do not have the time or resources to produce complex financial statements that Management need and require for funding submission...

One of my clients uses this software to produce fortnightly cashflow forecasts for the bank. This client had a huge overdraft and the bank supported them through the tough times in the pig industries. An excellent MYOB data file and accurate cashflow forecasti...

Marian Brown
MYOB Certified Consultant of MBS

What convinced me that Calxa was the solution to a lot of our problems was the fact that it made producing all types of reports simple – budgets, cashflow forecasts and board reports. Which in itself is great, but the bonus is, that in making reports so easy...

What I love about Calxa is that it frees up my time to get things right – instead of spending my time manually transposing numbers to create my reports, I now have time to complete thorough budget reviews and what-ifs. I have time to get things right, it giv...

After using complex excel spreadsheets for calculating budgets and cashflow forecasts for clients, Calxa has now become our solution for doing this type of work. There is no need to worry about formulas being messed up, lines being inserted or deleted, and bud...

Thanks for the excellent support and promptness…… Shem was excellent…. And all good again now....

Calxa has saved my finance staff so much time with regards to creating budgets and reports. The deadlines from funding organisations or external authorities such as ORIC and our auditors are no longer quite so daunting. Previously all budgets were kept on a sp...

Bawinanga Aboriginal Corporation uses Calxa to provide the Board with relevant financial information much faster than previous methods used. This frees up my and their time to focus on new projects....

Calxa integrates directly with our MYOB files and enables us to make monthly comparisons of actuals to budgets. Using Calxa, we can monitor our budgets and track the progress of the company. Having accurate reports that are easy to interpret and streamlined ef...

Just this week I saved $5,000 by reviewing my expenses and changing one of my suppliers. I wouldn’t have been prompted to do that if I hadn’t been using Calxa’s cashflow forecast. Calxa Express quickly provides a cashflow forecast that is accurate to the...

Miwatj Health Aboriginal Corporation provides comprehensive health services to some of our most isolated communities,in East Arnhemland, at the top of the Gulf – with 120 staff in Nhulunbuy, Gunyangara and Galiwinku (Elcho Island). Our chief challenge is pro...

I have taken some quiet time this weekend to focus on getting Calxa Express up and running for our business in preparation for a meeting with the bank manager next week and have to say it was the most enjoyable budgeting experience I have ever had. I will defi...