We are looking for top gun marketers!



Real expertise

  • You are a wordsmith that communicates at ease with a diverse audience.
  • You are a story-teller.
  • You craft news blogs, educational articles, white papers, media releases and translate technical pieces for the layman.
  • Your attention to detail makes you a good proof reader and the perfect editor of newsletters and the final gateway before distribution and printing.
  • You know what it means to deliver on time, every time.


The absolute essentials

  • You have previous marketing experience and you are good at any one of these skills or have demonstrated a combination of aptitudes.
  • Mostly, you have a real desire to move away from traditional practices and jump into the world of digital marketing techniques.
  • You like a challenge and love collaboration.
  • But more than anything, results give you a kick.


The offer

  • Ideally you want a full-time role and are ready to make a commitment but we’re equally open to part-time arrangements.
  • The position is based in our HQ in Townsville, North Queensland, Australia.


Interested? Get in Touch

Email your resume to people@calxa.com.