Calxa’s new Cloud Product

At Calxa, we’ve delighted in making the difficult and complex stuff simpler and easier. It gives us a thrill when customers say “I can now do in a couple of hours what used to take me 4 days” or “My 67-page report comes at the click of a button”. We make a difference for many people.

But, we’re also aware that some of the businesses out there start at the other end, with nothing because it’s all too hard and takes too much time. There is a desire for management reports and cashflow forecasts and KPIs but there just is no time to set it up. Or, maybe they just don’t have the skills – being a good engineer or baker or plumber doesn’t make anyone a good accountant (and there’s plenty of evidence that it doesn’t go the other way either!)


Introducing The Invisible Accountant

We’ve built on the core Calxa engine and the technology we’re preparing for Calxa Online. It’s essentially a set of reports, selected by us, delivered to one’s inbox every month for just a few dollars.

The sign-up is easy, it’s all done online (so it needs an online accounting system to work with) and there’s just a couple of questions so we can accurately forecast the timing of GST and Super payments. Then it’s just about choosing what day of the month to trigger the reports, and copy in the accountant, bookkeeper, husband, wife…

And that’s it! Every month the reports will be delivered to the customer’s inbox without any prompting on their part. There’s no app to remember to use (unless one really, really needs to tweak a couple of settings) so it is just ‘Set and Forget’.

And for those that sign up soon, the introductory price is just $1 a month till January. Have a look and see if any of your associates, family or friends need awesome management reports like these.


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