Introducing Calxa’s new small business product – The Invisible Accountant.

Tipping a Hat in Greeting

The Invisible Accountant has been in the making for a few years and talked about for the past few months but has never been seen in public until this week. We now welcome him (or is it her?) to the world. The mystery is all revealed over on the new home.

If your clients are short on time and seeking an effortless means of reporting, then look no further than The Invisible Accountant.


Management Reports for your Clients from $1/month

That’s right. That’s not a typo. $1 a month is the introductory price for The Invisible Accountant – the standard price of $10 will kick in from January 2018. For that your clients will get a set of 5 management reports emailed to them every month plus 3 bonus reports. We’ll add some explainer notes to make it real easy for the less savvy business operators out there. There’s no effort required after the few minutes it takes to sign up – everything is automated. The app is only accessed if the client needs to re-run or re-schedule the reports or re-connect to the accounting data.


Automated and Simple

There’s a handful of settings in the beginning of the signing up process that’s all. Seriously, did we mention it only takes a few minutes? The budget is automated and then every month it will update from the accounting system and deliver the reports. It’s the perfect solution for those clients who want more than the accounting software provides but don’t want anything complex. Give it a try!


Powered by Calxa

The app is powered by Calxa but without the complexity. Using Calxa’s innovative technology, it goes straight to the auto-budgets functionality and report bundle settings. The report schedule is defined by one of the client questions during the set up and that’s it. The rest is just magic (to them).


Calxa’s first Cloud Product

This is the first ‘fully online’ product coming off the production line this year with Calxa Express and Calxa Premier scheduled to make an appearance soon. We see The Invisible Accountant filling a gap in the market place for really easy and quick reporting software. Whilst Calxa Express suits many small businesses that are happy to tinker with setting up budgets, we found even that is too much for the smaller business that is time-poor and not as financially savvy. The Invisible Accountant will suit them to a tee.


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Watch out for our new friend, we think The Invisible Accountant will turn heads.