Change Log 15-12-2017

Additional options added to the Admin and Billing portal plus Doc Editor is now live.

On the Admin and Billing portal we’ve added a new menu, to view all organisations, across all workspaces completing this section. The  Billing section now includes the option to update your payment details.   New: Organisations Menu Under the main Admin menu there is now an Organisations sub-menu. This menu shows a full list of Organisations across all your workspaces with...

Change Log 05-12-2017

Report Bundle Document Editor and view your subscriptions in the billing portal

Edit or Add documents to your Report bundles with a familiar Document Editor experience right in your internet browser. We’ve also introduced the beginnings of a new self-service billing portal and made a few other improvements.   New: Document Editor The Document editor allows you to add full page documents such as cover pages to your Report Bundles or inject rich text as notes into...

Change Log 17-11-2017

All new Report Builder, Bundle Kits and User Permissions

The Report Builder menu is now active, allowing you to run a selection of reports in the new Calxa Online designs. Bundle Kits have been updated to use the same new template designs and we snuck in an extra kit - Accountants Reports, as a great starting point for your client reporting. Rounding out the changes in this update is the full User invite and permissions process.   New: Report...

Change Log 03-11-2017

DRUM ROLL PLEASE... Run your existing Report Bundles in Calxa Online

Big news today, we’re starting a public change log for our online browser app, so you’re always up to date with our feature updates, improvements and fixes. Here are the latest exciting changes to Calxa Online.   New: Generate Existing Report Bundles The “Reports” menu is now open for business. We’re starting with the ability to run or generate your existing bundles. These are...

Building Calxa Online - the Diaries

Building Calxa Online - the Diaries
A progress report and recount of challenges and excitements by the Calxa Team.

Intro Going from legacy desktop software to cloud app is an interesting journey. We're not sure what is easier: designing a new app starting with a blank sheet of paper or converting a rich and functional application to the online platform. Either way for the Calxa team these are exciting times and an opportunity to do things better this time round. Each week bears fruit highlighting the...