The last couple of weeks has seen some more changes to the browser app. We have brought you the improved Cashflow Settings screen and made it available to both Express and Premier users (in the Desktop application it is only available to Premier licences). We added multi-account drag and drop to Account Trees, tidied up the application of user permissions and started a review of styles in the Report Templates.


Cashflow Settings for everyone

This is the final cog to enable all cashflow management in the Calxa online app. While the default settings work well for many situations, sometimes you need to fine-tune them and you can now do that. For example, if your rent is paid automatically by direct debit every month, it would make sense to change the cashflow type on that account from the default Creditor Days to a Profile of 100% in the current month. These changes will give you the ability to get your forecast that bit more accurate.

In the past (and still in the desktop application), we’ve only made this feature available to Calxa Premier users. In response to feedback, we’ve now made it available to all licence types, recognising the importance of this functionality to many of you. You’ll find Cashflow Settings by going to My Workspace, Settings and there you will find it at the bottom of the list.

You can find more information on how Calxa can help you with your business cash flow on our Cash Flow Forecasting solutions page.


Account Trees Improved

Rearranging your Chart of Accounts for better management reporting is one of the key functionalities of Calxa Premier and we’ve made it a little easier for you this week. When dragging accounts between groups, you can now select multiple accounts using Control and Click. Simply hold down the Ctrl key, click the first account, click the second and as many other accounts as you need and then drag them all to your chosen destination. Re-group and summarise your accounts to give your managers, boards or funding providers the level of detail or summary they need.


User Permissions

We’ve improved the implementation of restricted user permissions so that you can more easily understand why a feature isn’t available. Users with restricted permissions will still see all menu items. However, some are greyed out and have a tool tip informing them that they don’t have permission to access that feature.


Report Template Review

We’ve discovered some inconsistencies in the application of styles across our 120+ report templates and we’ve begun a review, starting with the most popular reports, to bring them all into the standard methods. There are now cascading styles in many reports (we’re adding more every week) so those of you who want to change them to your own corporate branding, can more easily do so.


For full technical details of these changes, see the change logs for this week and last week.